Where Can I Learn About Investing

There are many ways to learn about investing and trading – it depends on what suits your style. Some beginning investors and traders prefer to start by reading books on investing and trading, some prefer to go to classes and be taught, and others might learn best with one-on-one coaching.

It really does not matter how you start – the important thing is to start and never stop learning.  Investing and trading is a life-long endeavor – you always learn something new with each experience.  By keeping an investing and trading journal, you can document your experiences; list all trades – the winners and losers. Take time to evaluate what worked and why, and what did not work, and why.  If you have a friend to share your investing journey with or an investing or trading group or an online forum, take the opportunity to discuss your trades and share your experiences.  You will learn how to invest and trade faster if you learn with others than if you try to do it alone.

See ‘Investing and Trading Resources‘ for a list of book, online websites, and links to investing and trading companies that host classes and coaching.